I am a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 3 Exercise Referral trainer.
My main objective is to help as many people that I can lead a happy and healthy life.
Daily activity should be as second nature as brushing your teeth.



After the birth of my beautiful daughter Ellie, I became unhappy with the toll pregnancy had had on my body.
I was unhealthy, did little to no exercise and wasnt looking after myself.
Physically and mentally, I needed to make changes. Through exercise I found a release, and over time changed my outlook, my lifestyle and improved my physical and mental health.
My goal is now to pass what I've learnt, through life experience and education onto others on their journey.
Whether the goal is elite fitness or a better quality of life. I can and will help you achieve your goals.




Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance whilst keeping the sessions varied, energetic, fun and bespoke to your fitness abilities and needs 


I run Gem's Body Blast every Wednesday at Uniq Physique Gym in Haslemere.
It's fun, energetic and we definitely dont take ourselves too seriously!


Working out with a partner, family member or friend is a great way to stay motivated, keep it fun and share the costs! 




"Gemma is a fantastic, enthusiastic PT.
Her workouts are fun, tough and her energy is infectious. 5 Stars from me!"

Emma Balogun

"Gemma has helped me improve my fitness, something my doctor and physio thought I would not be able to do.
From being a rather creaky late 50's lady to being much more mobile. I can run up and downstairs and squat. I thoroughly recommend Gemma's sessions. She has improved my quality of life immeasurably.

Sarah Coombes

"I love Gems energy and pace, her training style and motivation. She lives in the real world and understands there are good days and bad days. You can eat the pizza as long as you do your squats!
I really enjoy our sessions, we work hard and laugh harder.

Emma Wright

"Gemma is super positive, super motivating and comes to every session with something new and interesting.
She's made an amazing difference to my tone and fitness.
Highly recommend!

Susie Harris

"I cant recommend Gemma highly enough. I never thought I'd enjoy exercise but she makes me feel relaxed and confident. She's kind, understanding and approachable. If you need a PT, go with Gemma Holdaway Personal Training. She's a superstar!

Sally Alexander

I’ve been seeing Gemma for about 2 years now I am I am still really enjoying her sessions. I feel so much stronger and better since I have been seeing her and some of the exercises I do now I would never have dreamt that I could do them. I still have a lot more to learn though!

Natasha Powlesland

I have avoided the gym for 5 years and was so reluctant to do anything and hit a slump. I started with Gem and she has really changed a lot of things for me, she is so motivational and makes every session fun instead of the chore you deem it to be. I ENJOY going to my PTs and I never thought I'd say that. She genuinely cares about you and your journey and does this for YOU xx

Gemma Wilson




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